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Know the Best Drinks to Enjoy with Pizza

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Know the Best Drinks to Enjoy with Pizza

Best Drinks to Enjoy with Pizza

The pizza itself is an amazing retreat, but when paired with the right drink, it’s time to call for a party! Pizza alone can make us happy even without our default drink option. When matched up with certain drinks, it enhances the flavor of your favorite pizza. Here we’ve listed a few drinks that go well with certain types of pizza in Black Diamond WA.

Red Wine and Traditional Pepperoni Pizza

Well-known for its strong taste, pepperoni pizza can be paired up with red wine. Pizza and wine are filling, and the acidity of the red wine brings out the strong flavor provided by the traditional pepperoni pizza.

IPA and Four Cheese Pizza

Beer and pizza have a long-standing relationship and makes a great combo. Unlike pepperoni pizza, four cheese pizza has a sweet taste and a smooth, bitter beer will complement the flavor of the cheese mixes.

Dark Beer and BBQ Pizza

A flavorful BBQ chicken pizza with a strong, sturdy beer is a classic choice. The natural dark roast quality in the dark beer enhances the sweetness of the BBQ sauce.

Cocktail and Mediterranean Pizza

Enjoying a cocktail with pizza is not something to fear, but you should ensure that the flavors of your drink go well with the toppings of your choice.

Soda and Pizza

The classic combination of soda and pizza takes you back to childhood days. This pairing is available at any pizza restaurant in Black Diamond WA.


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